Happy Year and a Half!

September 25 2008 at 6:59 am Leave a comment

William and I are a decidedly unromantic couple.  Half the time when we go out we don’t hold hands – cause he has cooties, obviously.  But for our year and a half he bought me flowers, which was a nice surprise.  I’m not going to lie, I think I do have some romantic tendencies, I mean, who doesn’t like to be fawned over by their boyfriend?  But I’m very just “meh” about everything so I never really expect anything which was why it was so nice that he bought me flowers!

In any case, we went out to The Cannery for dinner, which is one of my favourite restaurants.  It was a rainy day but the view was as always amazing; it was so neat to see the rain beat down on the ocean and how the water ripples when it gets rained on.  It was UBER delicious (I got my usual salmon wellington) and overall the night was just really nice, especially because William and I rarely go out these days since we’re so busy with school and rather store our energy and laze around at home.

I caved and went shopping yesterday; I ended up buying a pair of rain boots from Plen+y.  It was spectacular timing on my part because it actually ended up raining today so my oh so wonderful purchase got some practical use.  I’ve been meaning to get rainboots for a while but I’m quite picky seeing as regular high ones look kind of strange on my petite figure.  The ones I got are from a Swedish company called Tretorn, and they’re really meant for sailing but they’re perfect for wet, rainy, or snowy days up at SFU!  They’re just a solid, kind of shiny teal colour which I loooove.

And I also ended up buying some more Juicy couture perfume because it was on sale at Winners, and really..who can resist a sale?  It just doesn’t happen.

I think my next big personal project is going to being redecorating my room.  I love the colour of it and I don’t intend to change it; it’s a pale-ish bright light green and it’s so soothing and invigorating.  Only problem is my walls are pretty bare and there’s clutter EVERYWHERE because of my lack of storage solutions.  Methinks that a trip to Ikea is in order.


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