List one: Things I Hate

October 2 2008 at 5:40 am Leave a comment

I’m in a list-making mood, and coincidentally also in a very sour mood due to the sheer amount of work that I have to do for next week (three papers – what?)  For anyone who doesn’t know me, I love to make lists.  I usually have several shopping lists on post-its around my desk, posted on my computer, photo frames, on the wall…on the bulletin board…on the desk…etc., I’m sure you get the picture.  In any case since I am in a SPITEFUL mood right now this is going to be my first list on my blog.  I present to you, things I hate

Things I hate:

  1. When people leave toilet paper around public toilets.  I really, really don’t get this – although I understand quite perfectly how the paper gets there (for the most part at least), I’m guessing since people don’t want their bare ass cheeks to touch a seat that’s probably had skin-to-seat contact with someone else’s bare ass so they toilet paper it – but when it falls to the ground, YOU PICK IT UP.  It creates such a mess and it’s a huge eyesore when people walk into a toilet stall and there’s freaking toilet paper everywhere.
  2. When people don’t give up their seats to seniors, people with babies, pregnant ladies, someone on crutches…etc.  Have some common courtesy, really.  If you want someone to give up their seat if you’re ever in a position that would entitle you to such, please extend the same benefit to others.
  3. WHEN PEOPLE LEAVE TRASH…ANYWHERE REALLY.  Is it so hard to keep our public areas clean?  Parks, streets, buses, washrooms, everywhere.  It disgusts me how many people think it’s okay just to drop their pop can or their newspaper on the ground – it’s not only bad for the environment, but seriously, it makes our city look fucking ugly.  Jeez.
  4. When people talk really loudly on the bus.  I don’t give a shit about the fact that your best friend’s boyfriend’s second cousin’s brother’s girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend tried to hook up her your best friend’s boyfriend’s second cousin’s brother’s girlfriend’s sister or whatever.  Seriously, keep your private business private kthx.
  5. People who talk really loudly in lecture – if you’re not going to listen fine, but if you’re going to disrupt MY education, and the education of others around you please…get the fuck out and find a lame coffee shop to talk with your friends.
  6. People who are racist or bigots in general, pretty self-explanatory, but what I say is if you can’t deal with diversity of others around you, then we can’t deal with you.  Times are changing my sweet.
  7. People who plagiarize or cheat…because they make profs give lectures devoted solely to plagiarism when I would hope the large majority of university students aren’t fucking stupid enough to make your mistake
  8. When my hands are dry…cause it’s annoying
  9. People WHO WALK SLOWLY…seriously, when I get stuck behind someone who can’t comprehend the whole “go with the speed of traffic” thing, I want to punch them in the back of the head.
  10. When my pens run out of ink and I’m in the middle of an important, possibly epiphanic moment (haha)
  11. When people listen to music in class.  Seriously, what the fuck, see number 5
  12. When my room is messy
  13. When water gets into my shoes and I have to spend the whole day at school with wet socks/shoes
  14. Taking the bus late, because they take forever to come
  15. Translink in general

I think that’s enough.  Now that I’ve purged my hate, I think it might be an opportune moment to resume my research on Adorno and Horkheimer.  Chicka whaaat


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Happy Year and a Half! Thank you. Now stop complaining.

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