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After probably what was a billion hours of attempted snowmaking but getting screwed over by global warming and abnormally high temperatures, Grouse has finally accumulated enough snow for it to open.  Brenton and I went today, and it was amazing.  I can`t believe how much I missed it.  The snow wasn`t amazing to say the least, but I was just content to be able to do nothing but snowboard.  On another, more negative note, I bailed a landing of a jump (mind you, it wasn`t a proper jump because there isn`t enough snow on the mountain to really sculpt any terrain) because there was a patch of ice horrendously close to the landing….and hit my head really, really hard on the ice.  It sucked.  Especially because I`ve never done that before, and now I think I have a mild concussion.  I`ve had this horrid headache ever since which is probably the worst timing ever because I was supposed to study tonight for my Earth Science exam tomorrow.

Which leads me to completely antagonize whoever made the decision to place my school on a mountain.  My Earth Science exam was originally scheduled for last Friday but mother nature decided to play devil`s advocate on me and give me the thing I love most about winter (snow) while concurrently prolonging the school`s rampage on my mind and body (exams season).  Fun stuff.  In any case, my exam got cancelled on Friday because – yeah, you know…in Vancouver, it`s like the world`s coming to an end when it snows – cars and buses couldn`t get up the mountain.  So now I have my exam tomorrow which sucks majorly especially considering that I was all prepped and primed for my exam on Friday.

Oh well.  I guess at least I will FINALLY, FINALLY have exams over with tomorrow.  Cross your fingers it doesn`t snow anymore.


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…of living in a country known for sub-zero temperatures and NOT GETTING ANY SNOW FOR IT?

Snow Conditions:
Total Snow Depth: 1 cm / .39 in
New Snow Overnight: 1 cm / .39 in
New Snow Past 24hrs: 0 cm / in
Total Snowfall 08/09: 32 cm / 12.6 in

This is actually making me quite frustrated.  I recall that this time last year, I was snowboarding.  A lot.  And instead, my board is sitting quite dusty and neglected looking on my bedroom floor, begging me to take it out and ride it on some buuuttery soft snow.  BUT THERE ISN’T ANY.  So it is being resigned to dealing with my sad hardwood flooring.  It misses the caress of the snow.  Trust me.

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