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After probably what was a billion hours of attempted snowmaking but getting screwed over by global warming and abnormally high temperatures, Grouse has finally accumulated enough snow for it to open.  Brenton and I went today, and it was amazing.  I can`t believe how much I missed it.  The snow wasn`t amazing to say the least, but I was just content to be able to do nothing but snowboard.  On another, more negative note, I bailed a landing of a jump (mind you, it wasn`t a proper jump because there isn`t enough snow on the mountain to really sculpt any terrain) because there was a patch of ice horrendously close to the landing….and hit my head really, really hard on the ice.  It sucked.  Especially because I`ve never done that before, and now I think I have a mild concussion.  I`ve had this horrid headache ever since which is probably the worst timing ever because I was supposed to study tonight for my Earth Science exam tomorrow.

Which leads me to completely antagonize whoever made the decision to place my school on a mountain.  My Earth Science exam was originally scheduled for last Friday but mother nature decided to play devil`s advocate on me and give me the thing I love most about winter (snow) while concurrently prolonging the school`s rampage on my mind and body (exams season).  Fun stuff.  In any case, my exam got cancelled on Friday because – yeah, you know…in Vancouver, it`s like the world`s coming to an end when it snows – cars and buses couldn`t get up the mountain.  So now I have my exam tomorrow which sucks majorly especially considering that I was all prepped and primed for my exam on Friday.

Oh well.  I guess at least I will FINALLY, FINALLY have exams over with tomorrow.  Cross your fingers it doesn`t snow anymore.


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