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I suck at this blogging business (cue beginning of usual self-depreciating paragraph). I guess keeping a regular record of the happenings in my life just isn’t for me; clearly my penchant for blogging is much more sporadic than I would like. As usual I would like to bring my school defense up to the stand, for the past three weeks I have had the most ridiculous concentration of assignments in my life – week 1, paper; week 2, 3 papers; week 3, 1 paper 2 presentations and an exam, and this week (week 4) I have three papers all due on Thursday/Friday.

It’s funny because when I’m in the midst of all this assignment writing and stressing and drinking a bajillion cups of coffee and pulling my hair out and trying to hide out in the UBC library so I can stay overnight (half kidding) I absolutely despise being a student. But then I finish and I get that feeling of accomplishment; that despite this seemingly unsurmountable pile of papers, presentations, exams, research projects…I TOTALLY DID IT. And I think besides that, being a student is amazing just because your job is to learn. How kick ass is that?

I bring this up now because recently I have been giving some thought as to what I want to pursue following my graduation. As of now I’m on track to graduate in 2011 or 2012, with a BA in Communication with Honours (although recently I’ve been throwing around the idea of minoring in Dialogue). I’m almost positive that I do not want to go into a Communications-related field as a career (i.e., public relations/marketing/publicity/broadcasting, the like). However, I don’t know much beyond that and recently I’ve begun toying with the idea of going into grad school. Any form of grad school really, as I’ve been thinking about law school since I knew what a lawyer was, but also possibly a Masters program. As to what I might study, I think I’d want to do something Communications/Sociology related, maybe public policy even. Anyways, my point is…what is an interesting/good program to look at? There’s just so much information out there that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. It’d be so helpful if someone gave me a direction to look at!

Besides, that though…10 more days till California.


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