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I am totally on a path to self-destruction.  I didn’t think it’d be this hard to keep up with school but it is.  And on top of everything else that I’m trying to do: volunteer for Engineers Without Borders, get involved with the SFSS and CMNSU, and find a new job! – it’s getting really, really, really sucky.  Last Saturday was our weekly ‘William-and-Maggie Day’ and we spent more than 1/2 of it studying.  Yes, studying.  And yes, all we did was studying, believe it or not.  We both have so much work that we can’t really have free time to just hang out, which sucks beyond reason but you do what you can.

On another note, today I got two new books:

I’ve read some of Naomi Klein’s No Logo for my CMNS 221 class (Media and Audiences) and I thought her work was really interesting.  A little while ago I was watching a spot on CTV on current books and they mentioned this and I thought it’d be a neat read, so I bought it today when I went shopping avec ma mere.  I’ll post what I think about it when I finish it (which will probably be a long time coming seeing as how my current schedule seems.)  The second I bought, Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ Watchmen, I’ve already read – in grade 12 – and was planning on buying like two years ago but never actually got the chance to.  Now that the movie (!!!!) is coming out, I want to re-read it.  Speaking of which, has anyone seen the trailer for it?  It looks pretty awesome if you ask me – it looks like it’s going to compete for my best graphic novel to movie adaptation, along with Batman Begins/The Dark Knight 🙂

And because my blog posts are never complete without a tidbit about school: my human biology prof is, in my opinion, detestable and completely nonsensical.  The class itself isn’t too bad for me since I did a lot of human bio in grade 12 (I took Biology 12), but I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for the students in my class who haven’t had any real experience with human bio, because he, quite simply, makes things very, very difficult to understand.  For instance, we were discussing codons that, when translated into polypeptide enlongation, coded for stop (as in stop the translation), and he decided to make the codons into DNA bases as opposed to RNA bases.  Now I suppose that is a simple conversion, buuut really – codon isn’t even a term associated with DNA.  Why the hell would you encrypt it into DNA bases?  Arggggh.



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