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In which general boredom and whatnot are discussed

It’s only been about a month and maybe almost a half since school started and I am already dying from the repetitiveness of it all.  We get reading break for TWO days this year (it’s better than nothing, yeaaah) and I was planning on being impulsive and random and adventurous but as we can see that didn’t really pan out.  Instead I have been doing what I am actually supposed to be doing on reading break – READING! – and catching up on course readings.  I live an amazing life, really.

Valentine’s Day was Saturday and my dear boyfriend is halfway across the world, but he was considerate enough to ask his mother to buy a bouquet of flowers for me on his behalf.  It was kind of funny, but sweet.  I spent the day 1.  hanging out with Will’s parents (we walked their dog, Abbie) and then his mom and I trekked to the farmer’s market (which was lovely, by the way) and 2.  watching House.

Speaking of House – I used to be a half follower of House but then I gave up because I didn’t have the time.  I’ve been looking for other stuff to watch and a friend of mine says his favourite show is House so I thought I’d take it up again…and I LOVE IT!  House is amazing.  He’s like Dwight, but way meaner.

That was probably the less intelligent sentence I’ve spewed out all day.

Oh well, I’m on break!

This week’s to-do consists of:

  • CMNS 324 take home midterm paper
  • BOL I course for co-op (kill me now)
  • Start CMNS 230 paper
  • CMNS 260 test – Thursday
  • Bajillion pages of reading



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    Happy new year errrrbody!

    William officially left for Germany on January 1st at 7 AM.  I already miss him terribly but I’ve been trying to occupy my time.  Today I did a total clean-up of my room, the whole shebang: vaccuming, windexing, re-organizing.  It’s really, really weird for it to be so clean, even for me (since I’m quite the neatfreak).

    As for the obligatory new years resolution post: to be honest, every single year my resolutions are the same.  So I guess I kind of attempt to continously work on whatever I want to improve on, but in any case I suppose this year I will attempt to make some conscious half-assed effort to actually achieve my new years resolutions because I never really really do.  That said, I wonder why people use new years as an excuse to implement such goals.  Wouldn’t you think that if you really, really wanted to achieve something, you’d start on it right away?  I usually do, by writing it on a post-it and tacking it up on the wall above my computer.  Ask anyone, I always have tons of post-its on my wall.  Currently there are ones that say “water everyday!”, “11:30” (which is supposed to remind me that I should be in bed by 11:30 pm at the latest everyday, and “yesterday you said tomorrow” (for running/exercise in general).

    So I suppose those are my goals!  Overall I think I want to be more healthy and be more conscious in making decisions that could impact my health…which I usually say every year.  Besides that, I want to save money, because I have decided that following my undergrad degree, I’m going to go away myself for six months to a year around the world, which is obviously going to take a loooot of money.  And finally, I need to learn how to drive.  My learner’s permit has expired and I REALLY need to learn how to drive for the sake of myself and everyone who acts as my chauffeur when we go out.  And I also want to learn how to drive because I want to be able to drive to the airport when William comes home to pick him up!  Ha I’m so sweet (not)

    It’s snowing like no tomorrow here which totally bums me out because Emily, Brent, Paul and Jake and I were planning on going down to Mount Baker tomorrow to have a last hurrah and shred up some hills before we all have to return to the monotony of school/work…unfortunately it looks like that’s not going to happen seeing that we all don’t really want to drive down in these conditions 😦  Maybe in a few weeks time.

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    School post # 1029410928412

    I’m sorry that I talk about school so much but really, it’s the biggest activity that I am involved in currently which explains why I discuss it so much.  Anyways, from hereon it’s a rant…about school…so stop reading if you are sick of my complaining (sorry…it’ll end after October, I promise…this month has just been crazy with a capital C).

    I have an exam tomorrow for EASC and I know – trust me, I do! – that I have to stop expecting good teaching because that’s not what I pay for (even though IT SHOULD BE what I pay for!) but I’m sick of having bad professors in science!  This prof (who shall remain nameless, because I know he’s a nice guy, he just sucks at teaching) has the worst lecture notes.  All the points are fragmented sentences that don’t really make sense.  And I felt that maybe my saviour in this course would be my textbook – which, though not without faults, makes a lot more sense than my teacher does – but I have just realized with the aid of my dearest friend Harry that the lecture notes are probably more important.  Fuck!

    In addition, my other complaint about this class is that the lecture slides are so FULL OF PICTURES.  I get key images to describe points, but…honestly, the BACKGROUND is a picture.  THE BACKGROUND OF THE SLIDE IS A PICTURE!!!!  It’s a waste of ink, not to mention the fact that it makes it so freaking hard to read the actual text.

    Argh that’s the end of my school rant for this week.

    Yesterday William and I hung out and he showed me where he’s going!  It’s called Wurzburg I think, and the city looks amazing.  I’m actually quite jealous.  If only I could visit him for a week.  IF ONLY SFU HAD A READING BREAK.  Ahhh.

    Back to studying!

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    William’s going to Germany for four months come January for a co-op position, he found out and told me on Tuesday.

    Sigh.  It’s starting to kind of take over my thinking and making me worried about how much I’ll be able to see him before he’s gone.  It also means that he won’t be able to go to Mount Baker with us for our snowboarding trip.  Which, by the way, I miss tons x 102401928401284.  Ah, when will it snow?

    I am running on four hours of sleep – miraculous that I’m still awake, really.

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    I am totally on a path to self-destruction.  I didn’t think it’d be this hard to keep up with school but it is.  And on top of everything else that I’m trying to do: volunteer for Engineers Without Borders, get involved with the SFSS and CMNSU, and find a new job! – it’s getting really, really, really sucky.  Last Saturday was our weekly ‘William-and-Maggie Day’ and we spent more than 1/2 of it studying.  Yes, studying.  And yes, all we did was studying, believe it or not.  We both have so much work that we can’t really have free time to just hang out, which sucks beyond reason but you do what you can.

    On another note, today I got two new books:

    I’ve read some of Naomi Klein’s No Logo for my CMNS 221 class (Media and Audiences) and I thought her work was really interesting.  A little while ago I was watching a spot on CTV on current books and they mentioned this and I thought it’d be a neat read, so I bought it today when I went shopping avec ma mere.  I’ll post what I think about it when I finish it (which will probably be a long time coming seeing as how my current schedule seems.)  The second I bought, Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ Watchmen, I’ve already read – in grade 12 – and was planning on buying like two years ago but never actually got the chance to.  Now that the movie (!!!!) is coming out, I want to re-read it.  Speaking of which, has anyone seen the trailer for it?  It looks pretty awesome if you ask me – it looks like it’s going to compete for my best graphic novel to movie adaptation, along with Batman Begins/The Dark Knight 🙂

    And because my blog posts are never complete without a tidbit about school: my human biology prof is, in my opinion, detestable and completely nonsensical.  The class itself isn’t too bad for me since I did a lot of human bio in grade 12 (I took Biology 12), but I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for the students in my class who haven’t had any real experience with human bio, because he, quite simply, makes things very, very difficult to understand.  For instance, we were discussing codons that, when translated into polypeptide enlongation, coded for stop (as in stop the translation), and he decided to make the codons into DNA bases as opposed to RNA bases.  Now I suppose that is a simple conversion, buuut really – codon isn’t even a term associated with DNA.  Why the hell would you encrypt it into DNA bases?  Arggggh.


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    After a little over two years, I’m finally done at Choices. It felt really weird on Thursday, because I knew that it was my last day but I felt like I would feel more melancholy about the whole thing, but really, it just felt like another day at work. I only started to feel like it really was my last day there about 15 minutes till my shift was over, because Susan (my supervisor) started looking for me in the store to say goodbye. She was so sweet about it too, this past week she’s been bugging me about giving me my two weeks and whatnot, but she actually teared up when she said goodbye to me. It was really cute, and to be honest, it did make me sad about leaving the place, though I always thought management was a little fishy and I never quite agreed with some of their policies.

    William’s dog, Muse, died a few days ago. William and his family are naturally completely heartbroken over it, it happened really suddenly and kind of out of the blue. He sent me a text message on Friday morning about it and I read it right after I woke up and bawled for about half an hour. I’m quite close with William’s family, they’ve been so amazingly generous and welcoming of me to their family and William and I would always hang out with his parents and Muse; in fact, in grade 12, one of the main things we did while we hung out would be to take Muse on walks. It really hit me harder than I would’ve thought it would, and I still feel sad about it all.

    And school starts on Tuesday. Another wonderful thing for me to anticipate. I got some school supplies today which was, as always, fun and supremely satisfying. There’s something so refreshing about being able to write in a new notebook or crack open a new package of pens. I know, I’m a big dork.

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    Friday’s Feast #196

    When was the last time you had your hair cut/trimmed?
    Well, I last cut it in like, January I think. So it’s been about eight months, give or take a few weeks. I hate getting my hair cut…it always seems like I envision something completely different for my hair and it never works our because what I envision isn’t possible for my hair type 😦 But I’m looking to get it cut again…

    Name one thing you miss about being a child.
    When I was a kid, I lived across the street from my best friend and we both had younger brothers that were the same age, so the four of us would always play together. Our favourite thing to do was either play street hockey (girls versus boys) or play pretend spies…those were the good days. I loved my old neighbourhood cause there were so many kids around, so much going on all the time, and everyone knew everyone. Sometimes everyone would go to the park in my neighbourhood and play a game of soccer or baseball.

    Pick one: butter, margarine, olive oil.
    Well, it obviously depends on what you’re using it with! I usually cook with olive oil but I eat toast and bake, make omelettes with butter or margarine, depending on what my mom gets.

    Main Course
    If you could learn another language, which one would you pick, and why?
    French and Chinese. I only know conversational Chinese even though I’m Chinese myself; my family is whitewashed to the max and my parents speak English to myself and my younger brothers. I’d like to learn Chinese because it clearly is going to be the dominant language of the future and I feel that not only would it help me become closer with my heritage, but it’d also be a good career and life tool in general. And French because I love the language, it just sounds so beautiful, and it’s the other official language in my country.

    Finish this sentence: In 5 years I expect to be…
    Graduated from SFU with either an honours degree in Communication or a double major in Communication and Criminology…and hopefully at law school…possibly. Maybe. Who knows. Hahaha.

    On another note, thank god it’s Friday. I’ve worked all weekdays of this week at Choices, which I haven’t done since like…well, probably last summer. And it’s been crazy. Though I really love (most of) the people who work there, I’m pretty glad to be leaving…I felt so stuck at that place, and though it was fun while it lasted, I think it’s better for me to focus on school and just having an easy job for now. I work Monday-Thursday next week (28 hours!) as well and then I’m done…Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and then school starts on the 2nd of September. Yikes.

    William and I are supposed to go do the Chief tomorrow, here’s to hoping that the weather will hold up. I’ve never done it before but I’ve heard it’s easy from some people and not so easy from others. To be honest, despite the fact that I’m pretty active, I’ve never been much of a hiker, I prefer trips on the water and by water vessel as opposed to getting places with your own two legs. I don’t mind going on day hikes though, those are always nice, and how could you not enjoy it when you live in such a beautiful place like British Columbia? You might as well take advantage of what you’ve got, wouldn’t you agree??

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