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Time Goes By

Tear.  My younger brother graduated from secondary school today.  I’ve only been to two commencement ceremonies prior to this one; the first was for my best friend / “cousin” (we call each other cousins because everyone thinks we are), and the second was my own.  I didn’t think this one would be much different – but it was.  I felt so old, which is weird because it’s only been two years since I myself graduated from secondary school and entered the thick of things that so many people like to call the real world.

It was especially odd because as I’ve mentioned before, I grew up in a really tightly knit community and all the kids knew each other, and we were all close – when we were kids, that is.  Today I saw all those faces but they were older, more mature, more ready.  Now that I myself am older I feel like I appreciate the milestone of graduation so much more; when I was in the twelfth grade and ready to cross the stage it just seemed like another day, another step to go through to get to wherever I was supposed to go.  But really, it’s a celebration and supposed to be a moment to be cherished.  I hope my brother realized that.

I sound like such an old bat.

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