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FINALLY…my week in hell is over.  My last assignment was a literature review for 253 – something I have never, ever encountered before, and made all the more difficult because the prof didn’t provide ANY examples, just guidelines.  Although I love 253 – the material is so interesting – the vagueness of the assignments irritates me, particularly because they mark quite hard.  But you know, I guess you can’t have it all.

Tomorrow (or today I guess?) I’m going TANKSGIVING shopping with Yoshi and Alex.  This year, the three of us have decided that we’re going to have a Thanksgiving dinner, on Monday, with our significant others – I’m bringing William, Yoshi’s bringing Jennifer, and Alex is bringing his “flavour of the week” which as it so happens is Mike as his other possibility (I don’t remember her name) turned out to be not such a possibility.  I am super, super excited for Thanksgiving (and Tanksgiving of course); it’s definitely one of my favourite holidays ESPECIALLY because Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner is my favourite meal in the whole wide world.  MMM…turkey…mashed potatoes…STUFFING!  And lots of pumpkin pie and whipped cream.  Heaven!

Today on the bus I sat next to one of those people who fall asleep and bob from side to side.  It was so funny because he would lean to one side, then get perilously close to that person’s shoulder, and all of a sudden it seemed like he subconsciously realized that he was very close to laying his head to that person’s shoulder and he switched sides (though he was asleep through this all).  The person sitting across from me though this whole process was hilarious, as did I.  Hahaheeheehoho.

By the way, I’ve been craving Dairy Queen all week.  William promised to bring me on Saturday.  Wheee!


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