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I haven’t updated in a million light years and I apologize but in my defense, HOLY SHIZA has life gotten hectic.  I’ve recently accepted another (second) job as a receptionist at an office downtown, and though I initially believed the workload would be doable it is starting to eat away at my study time meaning that it’s time for me to go into overdrive!  Luckily so far I have been fairly apt at keeping everything on schedule and being productive 99.999% of the time (William and I’s dates currently usually consist of studying and/or doing some kind of leisurely activity that we believe will stimulate our minds because let me tell you, our minds need stimulating!)

That said, my weeks of doom are coming up in approximately 2 1/2 weeks (AKA midterms/papers time) so I’m starting to feel a mild sense of apprehension with perhaps a little dash of fear.  I am attempting to compensate and abate these anxieties by being super organized – you know, post-it notes on everything, to-do lists galore, scheduling and compartmentalizing my time – and I’m feeling pretty good about it now.  But still it feels like there’s a little tiny bit of anxiety hiding away somewhere that occasionally decides to go out and have a party and wreck havoc with the level of productivity I’ve got going here.

Anyways – the question I’d like to ask you (in light of all this stress and work!) is two-fold: firstly, what do you do that helps you stay organized and secondly, how do you manage to incorporate leisure/social time?


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