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The (Delayed) Ian Hanomansing Chronicles, Part II

For all of you who don’t know, (which is probably most of you), ever since I’ve been in high school I’ve had this uncanny fixture on a local Vancouver CBC anchor, Ian Hanomansing:

In my high school days, I just thought he was a really cool, relatively good looking news anchor with a smooth voice and awesome hair.  Now however, after studying communications for a good two years – which, by the way, involved me at some point wanting to go into broadcast journalism – my opinion has shifted and my fixation/admiration for him is primarily because of his amazing career.

Anyways, to backtrack a bit, last year in the fall, Ian Hanomansing (yes, I say his full name when I refer to him at all times because he has a freaking AWESOME full name)  got on my bus.  My number 15 Cambie bus, at the stop by the CBC Vancouver station.  He sat across from me, and for a good five minutes all I could do was sneak glances at him while attempting to read my textbook on information technology and communications.  I really, really wanted to say something to him, but all the thoughts in my head went something along the lines of:
“you’re going to sound stupid”
“what the hell are you going to say, that you’re his biggest fan or something?

Anyways, the point is I totally just resumed my reading using the excuse that he probably didn’t want to be disturbed seeing as he was already talking to the person he got onto the bus with; he got off somewhere on Cambie Street and I went home and promptly texted all my friends that I saw IAN HANOMANSING in the flesh.

Flash forward to May 2009, and I’m driving up Cambie Street with my friend Alex.  It’s a fabulous spring day – one of the ones where it actually feels like summer – and we’re blaring M.I.A. out of the speakers.  We’re stopped at a red light on 16th Ave, minding our own business and acting like doofuses as always, when a car pulls up in the lane to our right, looking to make a right turn.  I briefly glance at the driver, who quickly looks to his left before making his turn.  And in a split second, it dawns on me: IT’S IAN HANOMANSING.  I grab Alex’s arm (digging my nails into his skin in the process) and scream – “it’s IAN HANOMANSING!”  Though I didn’t actually yell any real directions for him, Alex – one of my dearest friends – knew my strange admiration/fixation/possibly obsession in my younger years on him and we tried to follow him.  Alas, we lost him somewhere in a residential area but it was fun nonetheless.

To be honest, I don’t know why I thought he was cool beans when I was a teenager (now that I’m twenty, I can say that!)  But now that I think about it, I think the reason why I had this weird fixation on him was because he was so successful in the broadcasting sector, which in itself was admirable – but the fact that he wasn’t white like all of the other ones made my youthful dreams of being a news anchor seem plausible.

That said, I’ve moved past that.  But I still think he’s one of the coolest things since sliced bread.


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FINALLY…my week in hell is over.  My last assignment was a literature review for 253 – something I have never, ever encountered before, and made all the more difficult because the prof didn’t provide ANY examples, just guidelines.  Although I love 253 – the material is so interesting – the vagueness of the assignments irritates me, particularly because they mark quite hard.  But you know, I guess you can’t have it all.

Tomorrow (or today I guess?) I’m going TANKSGIVING shopping with Yoshi and Alex.  This year, the three of us have decided that we’re going to have a Thanksgiving dinner, on Monday, with our significant others – I’m bringing William, Yoshi’s bringing Jennifer, and Alex is bringing his “flavour of the week” which as it so happens is Mike as his other possibility (I don’t remember her name) turned out to be not such a possibility.  I am super, super excited for Thanksgiving (and Tanksgiving of course); it’s definitely one of my favourite holidays ESPECIALLY because Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner is my favourite meal in the whole wide world.  MMM…turkey…mashed potatoes…STUFFING!  And lots of pumpkin pie and whipped cream.  Heaven!

Today on the bus I sat next to one of those people who fall asleep and bob from side to side.  It was so funny because he would lean to one side, then get perilously close to that person’s shoulder, and all of a sudden it seemed like he subconsciously realized that he was very close to laying his head to that person’s shoulder and he switched sides (though he was asleep through this all).  The person sitting across from me though this whole process was hilarious, as did I.  Hahaheeheehoho.

By the way, I’ve been craving Dairy Queen all week.  William promised to bring me on Saturday.  Wheee!

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