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In which general boredom and whatnot are discussed

It’s only been about a month and maybe almost a half since school started and I am already dying from the repetitiveness of it all.  We get reading break for TWO days this year (it’s better than nothing, yeaaah) and I was planning on being impulsive and random and adventurous but as we can see that didn’t really pan out.  Instead I have been doing what I am actually supposed to be doing on reading break – READING! – and catching up on course readings.  I live an amazing life, really.

Valentine’s Day was Saturday and my dear boyfriend is halfway across the world, but he was considerate enough to ask his mother to buy a bouquet of flowers for me on his behalf.  It was kind of funny, but sweet.  I spent the day 1.  hanging out with Will’s parents (we walked their dog, Abbie) and then his mom and I trekked to the farmer’s market (which was lovely, by the way) and 2.  watching House.

Speaking of House – I used to be a half follower of House but then I gave up because I didn’t have the time.  I’ve been looking for other stuff to watch and a friend of mine says his favourite show is House so I thought I’d take it up again…and I LOVE IT!  House is amazing.  He’s like Dwight, but way meaner.

That was probably the less intelligent sentence I’ve spewed out all day.

Oh well, I’m on break!

This week’s to-do consists of:

  • CMNS 324 take home midterm paper
  • BOL I course for co-op (kill me now)
  • Start CMNS 230 paper
  • CMNS 260 test – Thursday
  • Bajillion pages of reading



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